Romanian Conference WHO

10-12 December, 2021. At the Faculty of Pharmacy, UMFCD

Past speakers

from our second edition
Dr. Andrei Baciu

Secretary of State of the Ministry of Health

Dr. Andreea Lefter

Specialist in medical imaging and coach

Dr. Horatiu Moldovan

Secretary of State of The Ministery of Health

Dr. Oana Manciu

Plastic Surgery Specialist

Dr. Wharga Enayati

Founder of the Regina Maria Private Network and Enayati Medical City

Dr. Ioana Mindruta

Neurologist at Emergency University Hospital

Meet the Team

from our 2nd Edition
Dan Crăciun
General Manager
Alexandra Dedu
Deputy General Manager
Alexia Badoiu
Academic Advisor
Carina Ilie
Strategy Manager
Delia Ghica
Operations Manager
Alexandra Ciucu
Deputy Operations Manager

Alexia Dobjanschi
Financial Manager
Delia Dumbrava
Chief of Media
Adina Stancu
Chief of PR
Doina Lazăr
Chief of Press
Alexia Popescu
Chief of Staff
Darius Vulturu
Deputy Chief of Staff
Mihnea Vișoiu
IT Specialist

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